The 2nd RISP Intensive Program on "Rare Isotope Physics"

IBS 3rd Floor Auditorium

IBS 3rd Floor Auditorium

Rare Isotope Science Project / Institute for Basic Science 70, Yuseong-daero 1689-gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea, 305-811

This program is designed to provide a practical and comprehensive training to graduate students and young researchers on rare isotope science. The program will last two weeks and is articulated in two parts:

- First two days: Preparation for main lectures

- All the rest days: Main lectures with exercises on:

   * Elastic scattering

   * Inelastic scattering and transfer reactions

   * Halo nuclei in a three-body ansatz

   * Direct reactions

   * Microscopic effective interactions (optical potentials) for scattering from nuclei

   * Nuclear astrophysics and structure study using stable and rare isotope beams


Additional info : RISP will provide the accommodation (limited to Innopolis Guest House) and meals for the participants during the program. There is no registration fee.

  • Bakytzhan Urazbekov
  • Duhyun Kim
  • Dukjae Jang
  • Eun Jin In
  • Heamin Ko
  • Ho San Ko
  • Hyunsuk Choi
  • Hyunwoo Chae
  • Jeongsu HA
  • Ki-Seok Choi
  • Kyoungsu Heo
  • Minju Kim
  • Minsik Kwag
  • Myeong-Hwan Mun
  • Myungkuk Kim
  • Seonghyun Kim
  • Shung-Ichi Ando
  • Soomi Cha
  • Soonchul Choi
  • Sung Han Bae
  • Taehyun KIM
  • Yong-Beom Choi
  • Yongwoo Choi
  • Young-Min Kim