Low Radioactivity Techniques 2017




LRT 2017, hosted by the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) Center for Underground Physics (CUP) and by Ewha Womans University.

The Low Radioactivity Techniques (LRT) workshop series examines topics in low radioactivity materials and techniques, a fundamental aspect of rare event searches.

Topics include global radioactivity measurement and screening facilities, low background counting techniques, purification and contamination control, Rn control, comsogenic activation of materials, and backgrounds and simulations for rare event experiments related to dark matter, solar neutrinos, double-beta decay and long half-life phenomena. This conference’s wide scope includes all aspects of the development of low background detectors and techniques.

The goal of this workshop series is to bring together experts in this field for presentations and discussion covering broadly the issues of low radioactivity techniques. The intention is to foster and continue the collaboration and resource sharing required for new generations of detectors to be developed at underground facilities.

This is the sixth workshop in the LRT series. Previous LRT workshops have been held around the world:

  • LRT2015 hosted jointly by PNNL and the University of Washington in Seattle, USA,
  • LRT2013 at LNGS in Assergi, Italy
  • LRT2010 at SNOLAB in Sudbury, Canada
  • LRT2006 at Modane in Aussois, France
  • LRT2004 inaugural meeting, hosted at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Canada.


Important Dates  

  • Submission Deadline                            January 23, 2017 ~ April 11, 2017 (Extended) 
  • Notification of Submission Result         Middle of April , 2017 
  • Pre-registration Deadline (Presenter)   April 26, 2017 
  • Full Paper Submission                          May 1~June 26, 2017 
  • Alan Poon
  • Alexander Chepurnov
  • Ali Dastgheibi Fard
  • Bela Majorovits
  • Brandon White
  • Brendan McNally
  • Cabot-Ann Christofferson
  • Chang Hyon Ha
  • Chang Lee
  • Douglas Leonard
  • Elena Sala
  • Eric Hoppe
  • Eric Miller
  • Eunju Jeon
  • Fabian Harms
  • Francesco Nuti
  • Ghag Chamkaur
  • Giovanni Benato
  • Grzegorz Zuzel
  • Gunther Korschinek
  • Hao Ma
  • Henning Back
  • Hiroyuki Sekiya
  • HyangKyu Park
  • Hyon-Suk Jo
  • hyunsu Lee
  • Isaac Arnquist
  • Joachim Wolf
  • Joseph Street
  • Kazuyoshi Kobayashi
  • Keonah SHIN
  • Kevin Hahn
  • Krzysztof Pelczar
  • Kyohei Nakajima
  • Kyungmin Seo
  • li zhou
  • Luca Pattavina
  • Mark Chen
  • Mary Bliss
  • Massimiliano Nastasi
  • Matt Stein
  • Matthew Busch
  • Moo Hyun Lee
  • Olga Gileva
  • Pabitra Aryal
  • Pia Loaiza
  • Pietro Giampa
  • Raimund Strauss
  • Sergio Di Domizio
  • Shawn Westerdale
  • Shintaro Ito
  • Silvia Borjabad Sanchez
  • Stefan Bruenner
  • Stephen Olsen
  • Su-yeon Park
  • Sujita Karki
  • Szymon Manecki
  • Tadafumi Kishimoto
  • takashi HASHIMOTO
  • Tao Hu
  • Vincente Guiseppe
  • Vitaly Kudryavtsev
  • Wei Min Chan
  • Xiaolong Li
  • Yeongduk Kim
  • Ying Yuan
  • Yuuki Nakano
  • Zhe Wang