Aug 1 – 5, 2022
Bldg #104, UNIST KOREA
Asia/Seoul timezone


Lecture Title/abstract:

Penger Tong (HKUST) Colloidal transport over complex energy landscapes:  From passive particles and self-propelled colloids to transmembrane proteinsabstract lecture note 1-2

Mike Cates (Cambridge) "Active Phase Separation" abstract lecture note 1 lecture note 2

Wilson Poon (Edingburgh) "Motile bacteria in giant unilamellar vesicles" abstract lecture note 1 lecture note 2

Sriaram Ramaswamy (IIS India) "Hydrodynamics of ordered active matter, from simple to complex" abstract lecture note 1-2

Fred MacKintosh (Rice Univ) "Active fluctuations, broken detailed balance and contractile force generation" abstract lecture note 1 lecture note 2

Tsvi Tlusty (UNIST) "The usefulness of quantum concepts in soft matter" abstract

Corinna Maaß (MPI Gottingen) "Self-propelling Droplets" abstract lecture note 1-2

Nikta Fakhri (MIT) "Broken symmetries in living matter" abstract