IBS-PNU Joint Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology


The IBS-PNU Joint Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology will be held during December 7-10, 2022 at the Paradise Hotel, Busan, Korea. The workshop is jointly organized by Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe (CTPU) at IBS and Center for Cosmological Constant Problem (CCCP) at Pusan National University (PNU). The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from particle physics and cosmology to present and discuss our theoretical understanding of nature and prospects for future progress.


• Workshop place
- Paradise Hotel Busan
- More information: Paradise Hotel
- The workshop will be held in the Sicily Room (Main Building 1F).

• Accommodation
- Kolon Seacloud Hotel
- More information: Kolon Seacloud Hotel
- It takes about 2 minutes on foot from the Kolon Seacloud Hotel to the workshop place.

• Registration deadline: November 25th, 2022
- Number of participants will be limited to 55.
- Accommodations will be provided (breakfast not included) to all invited participants and limited funds are available for some participants to support the accommodations upon request.

Invited speakers

  • Anthony Francis (NYCU)
  • Thomas Flacke (KIAS)
  • Minho Son (KAIST)
  • Wei-Chen Lin (CCCP)
  • Jie Jiang (CCCP)
  • Xiao Yan Chew (PNU)
  • Wan-il Park (JBNU)
  • Miok Park (IBS-CTPU)
  • Gansukh Tumurtushaa (Jeju National U.)
  • Maria Mylova ( Ewha Womans U.) 
  • Perseas Christodoulidis (Ewha Womans U.)
  • Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei U.)
  • Chang Sub Shin (Chungnam National U.)
  • Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)
  • Myeonghun Park (Seoul Tech.)
  • Hyun Min Lee (CAU)
  • Jae Sik Lee (Chonnam National U.)
  • Seongchan Park (Yonsei U.)
  • C. J. David Lin (NYCU)
  • Seodong Shin (JBNU)
  • Seung J. Lee (Korea U.)
  • Sunghoon Jung (SNU)
  • Kiwoon Choi (IBS-CTPU)
  • Kimyeong Lee (KIAS)
  • Ki-Young Choi (SKKU)

Organizing Committee

• Kiwoon Choi (IBS-CTPU)
• Sanghyeon Chang (IBS-CTPU)
• Sang Hui Im (IBS-CTPU)
• Deog Ki Hong (PNU), Chair
• Kwang Sik Jeong (PNU)
• Jong-Wan Lee (PNU)
• Dong-han Yeom (PNU)

For any information or assistance, please contact:

♦ Sang Hui Im

  • Adriana Guerrero Menkara
  • Anthony Francis
  • C.-J. David Lin
  • Chang Hyeon Lee
  • Chang Sub SHIN
  • Deog Ki Hong
  • Dhong Yeon Cheong
  • Dong-han Yeom
  • Eung Jin Chun
  • Gansukh Tumurtushaa
  • Ho Hsiao
  • Hyun Min Lee
  • Jae Sik Lee
  • Jie Jiang
  • Jihn E. Kim
  • Jong-Wan Lee
  • Ki-Young Choi
  • Kimyeong Lee
  • Kiwoon Choi
  • Kwang Sik Jeong
  • Meshkat Rajaee
  • Minho SON
  • Miok Park
  • Myeonghun Park
  • Perseas Christodoulidis
  • Pouya Bakhti
  • Robert Mann
  • Sang Hui Im
  • Seodong Shin
  • Seong Chan Park
  • Seung J. Lee
  • Stephen Lonsdale
  • Sunghoon Jung
  • TaeHun Kim
  • Thomas Flacke
  • Wan-Il Park
  • Wanda Isnard
  • Wei-Chen Lin
  • Xiao Yan Chew
  • Youngjoon Kwon
    • 1:30 PM
      Registration & Welcome
    • Talks: (30+10) min X 2 (Chair: Deog Ki Hong)
      • 1
        Light axions in KKLT axiverse
        Speaker: Kiwoon Choi (IBS-CTPU)
      • 2
        On Higher Dimensional Quantum Field Theory
        Speaker: Kimyeong Lee (KIAS)
    • 3:20 PM
      Coffee break
    • Talks: (30+10) min + (25+5) min X 3 (Chair: Stephen Lonsdale)
      • 3
        Signatures of Quantum Superpositions of Black Holes
        Speaker: Robert B. Mann (U. of Waterloo)
      • 4
        Exploring extended Higgs sectors via pair production at the LHC
        Speaker: Thomas Flacke (KIAS)
      • 5
        Think EFT! Applications of effective field theory to cosmology
        Speaker: Maria Mylova (Ewha Womans U.)
      • 6
        Rapid turns in multi-field inflation: restored predictivity and resonant PBH production
        Speaker: Perseas Christodoulidis (Ewha Womans U.)
    • Talks: (30+10) min X 2 (Chair: Sang Hui Im)
      • 7
        The cold and light dark matter
        Speaker: Ki-Young Choi (Sungkyunkwan U.)
      • 8
        Axion quality problem and its solution
        Speaker: Seongchan Park (Yonsei U.)
    • 10:50 AM
      Coffee break
    • Talks: (30+10) min (Chair: Sang Hui Im)
      • 9
        De Sitter self-organized criticality for the weak scale
        Speaker: Sunghoon Jung (Seoul National U.)
    • 12:00 PM
    • Talks: (30+10) min X 2 (Chair: Sunghoon Jung)
    • 3:20 PM
      Coffee break
    • Talks: (30+10) min X 3 (Chair: Thomas Flacke)
      • 12
        Higgstrahlung, dark photons, and invisible particles at Belle & Belle II
        Speaker: Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei U.)
      • 13
        Quantum Computing for High Energy Collider
        Speaker: Myeonghun Park (Seoultech)
      • 14
        Cosmology of gauged (B-L) SUSY models
        Speaker: Wan-il Park (Jeonbuk National U.)
    • Talks: (30+10) min X 2 (Chair: Jong-Wan Lee)
      • 15
        Pion light-cone distribution amplitude from a heavy-quark OPE
        Speaker: C.-J. Daivd Lin (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung U.)
      • 16
        Perspectives on understanding the substructure of multiquark hadrons in lattice QCD
        Speaker: Anthony Francis (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung U.)
    • 10:50 AM
      Coffee break
    • Talks: (30+10) min (Chair: Jong-Wan Lee)
      • 17
        Continuum Dark Matter
        Speaker: Seung J. Lee (Korea U.)
    • 12:00 PM
    • Talks: (30+10) min X 2 (Chair: Chang Sub SHIN)
      • 18
        Cosmic String Simulation
        Speaker: Minho Son (KAIST)
      • 19
        Manifesting hidden dynamics of a sub-component dark matter
        Speaker: Seodong Shin (Jeonbuk National U.)
    • 3:00 PM
      Coffee break
    • Talks: (30+10) min X 2 + 15 min X 5 (Chair: Seung J. Lee)
      • 20
        On the mass spectrum of heavy Higgs bosons in 2HDM in the light of the CDF W-mass anomaly
        Speaker: Jae Sik Lee (Chonnam National U.)
      • 21
        Extra gauge symmetries for lepton flavor with vector-like leptons
        Speaker: Hyun Min Lee (Chung Ang U.)
      • 22
        Chimera baryon spectrum in a Sp(4) lattice gauge theory

        Chimera baryons are exotic objects playing the role of top partner in top partial compositeness among composite Higgs models. In the Sp(4) gauge theory with two fundamental and three antisymmetric Dirac fermions, they are composed of two fundamental and one antisymmetric fermion constituents. We present our preliminary results of Λ: (J, R) = (1/2, 5), Σ: (J, R) = (1/2, 10) and Σ∗: (J, R) = (3/2, 10) chimera baryons in the quenched approximation. The fermion mass dependance of chimera baryon masses and their hierarchy will be discussed. This exploratory study will provide a guidance of our future investigations with fully dynamical lattice simulations.

        Speaker: Ho Hsiao (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung U)
      • 23
        Primordial Black Holes and Gravitational Waves from the Tachyonic Instability in Higgs-R^2 Inflation

        The running of the Higgs self coupling may lead to numerous phenomena in early universe cosmology. In this talk I introduce a scenario where the Higgs running induces turns in the trajectory passing a region with tachyonic mass, leading to a temporal tachyonic growth in the curvature power spectrum. This effect induced by the Higgs leaves phenomena in the form of primordial black holes and stochastic gravitational waves, where proposed GW observatories will be able to probe in the near future.

        Speaker: Dhong Yeon Cheong (Yonsei U.)
      • 24
        FIMP dark matter from a hidden effective supersymmetric theory

        In this study, we present a dark matter model relying on hidden supersymmetric sectors such that dark matter particles are decoupled from the SM. We will consider dark matter as massive bound states of gluons and gluinos called glueballs and gluinoballs. We will discuss the possibility to produce such dark matter particles with a freeze-in mechanism.

        Speaker: Wanda Isnard (Yonsei U.)
      • 25
        Cosmological PBH production during a 1st order PT
        Speaker: TaeHun Kim (Seoul National U.)
      • 26
        Pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone inflation with twin waterfalls

        We consider a model for pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone inflation, in which twin waterfall fields ensure a graceful exit from inflation. Adding a Z_2 symmetry for the waterfall and the inflation fields ensures the flatness of the inflationary potential, protecting it from large quantum corrections from the waterfall couplings.
        We study the initial conditions required for successful inflation and perturbative reheating from the decay of the waterfalls through a Z2 invariant Higgs portal.
        Finally, the twin fields coupling to the inflaton can be microscopically explained in the context of dark QCD with light and heavy quarks.

        Speaker: Adriana Guerrero Menkara (Chung Ang U.)
    • 7:00 PM
      Free discussion (Chairs : Deog Ki Hong and Kwang Sik Jeong) Sicily room (Paradise Hotel)

      Sicily room

      Paradise Hotel

    • Talks: (25+5) min X 3 (Chair: Dong-han Yeom)
      • 27
        Rectifying No-Hair Theorems in Gauss-Bonnet Theory
        Speaker: Miok Park (IBS-CTPU)
      • 28
        Dynamical analysis in 4D Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
        Speaker: Gansukh Tumurtushaa (Jeju National U.)
      • 29
        Trouble with geodesics in black-to-white hole bouncing scenarios
        Speaker: Wei-Chen Lin (CCCP, Pusan National U.)
    • 11:00 AM
      Coffee break
    • Talks: (25+5) min X 2 (Chair: Dong-han Yeom)
      • 30
        Beating the Lyth bound with parametric resonance during inflation
        Speaker: Jie Jiang (Pusan National U.)
      • 31
        Scalar Hairy Black Holes with Asymmetric Potential
        Speaker: Xiao Yan Chew (Pusan National U.)
    • 12:30 PM
    • 12:45 PM
      Free discussion (Chair: Sang Hui Im and Kwang Sik Jeong) Seminar room (Seacloud hotel)

      Seminar room

      Seacloud hotel

    • 1:45 PM